Who I am

I have been inspired to write a post about who I am and what some of my lifestyle philosphys are. I know this does not sound exciting, profound or anything special but for me it is all of the above.

You see, I have always been a wanderer, someone who goes along through life floating around, at times clinging to something tightly then mentally moving on. This has been the way I have patterned my life for so long yet it did not quite settle within me. This strolling through life really felt and was a bouncing through life hoping to finally land where I belonged. It has not always felt good and in reality felt quite bad. See I never really ventured out of the box I had created for myself. I never even left my home state or even the region of the state I have lived in since I was 15 years old.

I never made to conscious decision to see who I truly was and what I was all about. I just strived to find a comfortable state of being wherever I found myself mentally. This sounds like a good place to be but it has not been for me because I was constantly striving to feel right. I would think I had found my place then the wind got a little breezy and I would abandon the sailboat.

I am in a state of feeling like things are solidifying themselves around who I am. I have opinions, passions, commitments, likes, dislikes surrounding things I now consider core things that make up a fanstatic life. For this, I am so grateful.

I have realized and then embraced that I am...

A minimalist: I love simple designs and clutter free environments.

A simple dresser: I love natural fibers and simple lines in clothing.

A purist when it comes to food: Give me some veggies, butter and a tiny taste of grassfed meat and there is a taste explosion happening in my mouth.

An explorer of natural, herbal health: I get giddy when thinking about concocting my family's herbal healthier salves, soaps, cleaners etc.

A gardener at heart: I so love to watch and observe the garden growing process and taste the delights they produce as well as smile when I put the not so delightful things in the compost pile.

A mom who truly with all my heart loves to protect my son's childhood: I am VERY passionate about this one. I am so drawn to the Waldorf inspiration and how I can keep Jake in environments ( mentally, spiritually as well as physically ) where he can be in the blissful bubble of childhood as long as he needs.

More to come later, it is time for Jake and I to bake our muffins. Image by http://24.media.tumblr.com/1b075b5453c2684682e36a7738bdfaab/tumblr_mi0qwyB9jE1qgc585o1_500.jpg


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