This week's nourishment

This week has been full of many kinds of nourishment. There has been a huge need for many kinds of nourishment as well.

My family has been dealing with many types of challenges this month. My father-in-law's mental health is declining rapidly which has lead to some unsafe actions, a close family member's progression of a terminal illness that he has refused treatment for which can put the disease in remission but require daily diligence,the imminent death of a dear uncle to my husband, and my father needing assistance caring for my mom who is in the end stages of Alzheimer's. When I type it all seems so heavy.

This is in addition to the every day life of caring for an active, curious, charming 2 year old son, maintaining a home while my husband is building a business.

The amazing part is that we are coming together as a family and lavishing each other with grace and love and making our home a place of rest and refuge. I am working very consciously at taking care of myself and letting some things go. At the same time I am being very consistent about some touch points in our days without fail. Honestly, the consistent touch points to ground me have been some of the first things I want to drop from my day but have been the ones that bless and nourish me the most.

Some of my nourishing touch points have been to write several quick postcards to some people I can encourage, making quick telephone calls to a friend just to leave a message so I will not allow myself to isolate, maintaining and even stepping up my home maintenance so my house feels, smells, looks and is the refuge my family needs right now, as much outside time with Jake as possible and my absolute favorite new discovery is varying my cooking.

This week I have become totally smitten with cooking a new recipe for dinner every night. This has not been my style ever. I am a no variety, same ole several type of meals girl. I have about 2 week worth of dishes I rotate and have FAITHFULLY forever. Not so this week and it has been enchanting. I have even splurged and gotten my family a hand crank apple, peeler,corer and a Cuisinart ice cream, yogurt, sorbet maker. We are so delighted and are having a blast indulging in homemade ice cream after dinner on our porch. It is blissful. I have picked up several seasonal cookbooks to look through and we are going strawberry picking this weekend. Yummy.

There has been some other things I have done this week which have nourished me as well but my sweet Jake is calling me so got to run nourish him with hugs and kisses.

What is currently nourishing you?


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