The quest alone changes you

I am reading a powerful book called The Gift of Being Yourself by David G. Benner.

A paragraph that really touched me today is:

...In spiritual transformation, the self that embarks on the journey is not the self that arrives. The self that begins the spiritual journey is the self of our own creation, the self we thought ourselves to be. This is the self that dies on the journey. The self that arrives is the self that was loved into existance by Divine Love. This is the person we were destined from eternity to become-the I that is hidden in the "I AM."

I sometimes forget the seeking journey I am on is such a powerful thing. I sometimes want to rush ahead to the knowing. I sometimes want to stop the whole thing because I am being stretched too much. I sometimes want to just get on with it. I sometimes want to abandon ship and float on the waves as they crash.

I am realizing I am unsure of when the part of me dies and when I am experiencing Divine Love.

What I do know is that it is all ok and happening just as it should, I just need to stay in the process. To not jump out of the ship before the storm has passed.

Hope your journey is going well for you today. I have missed you.


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