More to come

Today I want to tell a bit about me.

I am a mom to 2 sons and have a wonderful love to share my life with. We live in NC where we were all born. I am in my last year of the 30's, will be 40 in November. Yikes.

I feel like I have been through so many life times in the years I have been on earth but feel I am getting into the groove of the purpose of my time on earth. As we journey together, I will delve into that more.

I am a huge lover of other women's blogs. I love to get glimpses of how others do their thing. I get so much inspiration from others. Sometimes I am so filled up with other's idea and inspiration that I wants to just spill out. This just well be the place where the spilling over occurs.

I also want a place to share with others how I nourish myself in the many forms that may take. Delicious food, great stories, inspiring reads, being in the moment, loving on my children etcetera. Not sure where this seeking of nourishment will take me but I am going to seek on.

And lastly but probaly the most challenging, exhiliraing, and soul stretching of this blogging is to continue to come back and post here time after time. To do this I have to let go of my perfectionist tendencies and learn to let go.

More to come later. Thank you for taking the time to visit my space.


  1. Thank you for sharing Elizabeth. I look forward to reading more in time to come. I hope you have a lovely weekend. xxoo Julie

    1. Thank you Julie. Not sure what I am embarking on here but today it feels right.

  2. Hello Elizabeth - this is a wonderful space here; I'm looking forward to seeing your beautiful imperfection glow ;) Thank you so much for the sweet note over at my blog. Your words have truly touched my day! Many blessings to you sweet friend and have fun playing with your blog. Speaking of perfectionism, Goddess Leonie wrote a sweet piece about this recently that has been a major theme in my own life as of late: xo!

    1. Kathy, you looking at my blog and then commenting may just have scared the horses in the pasture behind us. I let out a yelp that was probably heard outdoors. Oh well.

      Thanks for commenting as I am loving to pieces your blog. Thanks also for the link to Goddess Leonie's blog. I am headed there after I go check on the horses.


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