What my blog name means.

I allowed a blog title to roam freely around my head for several months before I was able to narrow it down a bit.

As I got closer to the blog title, I realized I was continuing back to the general theme of nurture, take care of, nourish the soul.

I seem to try to complicate by adding too many words.

I finally selected nourishment because of what I understand the word nourishment to mean. To me nourishment means a consistent, slow, steady continual flow of feeding something. For this blog, specifically feeding of my soul.

I believe that nourishing the soul is a concept that has roots that run deep in a body's DNA. I believe it is in fact a self preservation tactic. I believe nourishment of the soul has been around since the dawn of time, since the beginning of language.

Thus the name meinutrimentus. Meinutrimentus means My Nourishment in Latin.

I look forward to returning to this space to talk more about nourishing and what that means to me.

What do you see as your nourishment?


  1. I was wondering what meinutrimentus meant, now I know.

    Nourishment for me is looking after myself, body, mind and spirit. If I nourish myself I can then look after my beautiful family. xxoo

    1. I know it is not at all original but decided to just decide and picked my nourishment.


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